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  Questions about Order Status?
Look below for answers to your questions about order status. Click the "View Summary" button at the bottom, to return to the Order Summary page.
Most orders go through these 4 phases: Processing - - Sent to Warehouse - - In the Shipping Process - - Shipped.

Once you order, we carefully check to make sure you're the person using your credit card or gift certificate.

While we're doing this, or if we're waiting for you to send in other forms of payment, your order is Processing. You can cancel your order within the first 15 minutes of processing.

Once we have verified your payment, your order is Sent to Warehouse to be fulfilled.

An item that is In the Shipping Process cannot be cancelled because it is being picked from the shelves, packaged, and stacked on the loading dock.

If your item is in stock, your order will be Shipped within 1 to 2 business days.

Order Status

On Order
We are making every effort to ship your product to you as soon as possible. Unless your item is on pre-order, our supplier has not given us an expected arrival date. We'll send you eMails updating you on the status of your order. You may cancel any item that is not in stock up to the day the product ships by clicking on 'cancel item' from within your order summary.

Cancellation Requested
A request has been made to cancel this item. Sometimes items enter the shipping process before we can cancel them. We'll eMail you within 7 to 10 business days (holidays and weekends excluded) to let you know if we can honor your request.

Your order for this item has been cancelled. You will not be charged for it.

RMA Issued
A RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number has been issued for this item. We are waiting for the item to be received into our warehouse.

RMA Received
The returned product has been received into our warehouse and your credit or replacement order will soon be processed. Your credit information can be viewed by clicking on the Detailed Billing Summary link. If you requested a replacement, you will receive an email with the new order number when it is created.

Claim Submitted
A claim has been submitted for this line item.

Claim Approved
Your claim was approved. Your credit information can be viewed by clicking on the Detailed Billing Summary link. If you have requested a replacement product, you will receive an email with the new order number when it is created.

Claim Denied
After a thorough investigation of your claim request, the claim has been denied due to one of the following reasons: refusal/undeliverable, delivery address correct, item still in transit, returns issue, weight of the package, or the order is older than 90 days.

Gift certificate orders only:

Your gift certificate or coupon has been applied towards this order.

This gift certificate has been eMailed or mailed to the recipient you indicated.

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You can find the answers to most questions in the Help Center , or contact Customer Support.
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