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Express Technology Warranty

All goods sold by Express Technology are covered by a 90-Day product replacement warranty in case of failure in use or lack of function on arrival. Note: Special Order, receipt or damage claims are not covered by our 90-Day warranty. Such claims (missing components, damage claims, outright shortage, etc.) must be made within 10 days of invoice date. Warranty period begins on the invoice date. Express Technology’s liability under warranty for any non-working or non-conforming goods is limited to the product’s selling price and may be satisfied by ETI supplying a reasonably equivalent replacement part. The Express Technology warranty applies to new, remanufactured / recycled and exchange product. While some product is new, all product is sold as used/refurbished/recycled.

A note on credit: All returned defective products are tested before a credit is issued. Products that are returned and found to be non-defective will result in a restocking fee. A restocking fee (the greater of 20% or $25.00 min per unit) will be billed to the customer’s account or will result in a lesser RMA credit for the equivalent amount.

Advance Exchange Orders

On advanced exchanges, Express Technology commits to send the good part out before the customer returns the defective "core" part. The customer account or charge card is charged the price of the exchange part plus the value of the defective core part. When Express Technology receives the returned core, the customer’s account or charge card will then be credited the "core charge". The core charge/pending credit will appear on Express Technology invoices and the credit will be issued upon the return receipt of the core. Non-repairable returned cores (parts which are corroded, burned, cracked or physically damaged) will be refused by Express Technology, and will be returned to the customer. Incomplete and non-like cores will be treated as non-repairable and will likewise be returned to the customer and core credit will not have been earned. Product is guaranteed to be fully functional without major cosmetic damage. Warranty does not cover cosmetic blemishes on internal parts. The core charge must be paid when the core is non-returnable.

Return Package Policy

Defective part returns or exchange parts ("cores") should be received by Express Technology no later than fifteen (15) days from the date of the original shipment by Express Technology. After 15 days Express Technology will no longer issue credit for the core charge. Cores received later than 15 days from the date of the original shipment will be refused or returned to the sender and credit will not be issued. Exchange parts must be returned with the orders RMA# plainly printed on the package container and on the shipping documentation. If not, the shipment will be refused or returned and no core credit will be awarded. Special Order goods are not eligible for return. The core must be returned to:

Express Technology, Inc.
1410 W. Auto Drive
Tempe, AZ 85284
Attn: RMA#
Minimum Order

Express Technology will accept any size order. No Minimum order restrictions apply.

Restocking Fees Policy

Non-needed Parts requested to be returned for credit within ten (10) calendar days of the original shipment date, will be charged a $25.00 minimum per unit or a 20% restock fee, whichever is greater. Prior to returning any material, an RMA number must be issued by Express Technology. The Return RMA number is valid for a period of fifteen (15) days. Any package received without a valid RMA number will be returned without credit to the shipper. Special Order goods are not eligible for restocking.

Special Order Policy & Terms

All Sales are Final - No Returns. Goods are sold only with warranties that may be available directly through the manufacturer of the product. Items do not include Express Technology’s standard warranty and terms.

Special Order goods are priced for direct shipment to any U.S. destination. Some items may not be eligible for International shipment; eligible product may incur additional shipping/handling fees along with a 3-5 day delay.

Express Technology, Inc. personnel are not authorized to alter this policy.


In order to set up an RMA for return, call customer service at 800-730-7377 or email A Express Technology representative will provide an RMA number which is used to return the product; the RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package and the returned product must be packed carefully and adequately to ensure safe arrival at our facility. In the cases of parts returned as defective but tested good by our technicians and parts which are good but returned because they are not needed by the customer, a restocking fee will be deducted from the credit to be issued to the customer’s account. This fee is necessary to defer the cost of handling and testing the returned part which is required to keep Express Technology quality the highest available. Once the part is received, tested to confirm defect, and processed, a credit will be issued to the customer’s charge card or the customer’s account, if the original transaction was a net terms purchase. Express Technology’s liability under warranty for any non-working or non-conforming goods is limited to the product’s selling price and may be satisfied by ETI supplying a reasonably equivalent replacement part.

Shipping Policy

Express Technology ships all packages "FOB shipper". Once a package(s) leaves the Express Technology loading dock, the title and ownership of that package(s) transfers to the customer. Should a part or package become lost or damaged by the carrier, the customer is responsible for contacting the shipping carrier to initiate a claim. Express Technology will provide the shipping waybill number in order to verify tracking or file a claim with the carrier. Express Technology will also ship a fully billed replacement order if requested by the customer, but will not issue a credit or negotiate with the carrier for reimbursement on the original order. If customer has private insurance, Express Technology will not ensure the package with the common freight carrier.

Signature Required

Express Technology, Inc. requires a signature on all packages shipped to a residential address. Freight carriers charge higher rates for these fees when shipping to residential accounts.

Sales Tax

By law, sales tax must be charged to any ordering party that is not associated with Federal Government Contracting Business, in the state of Arizona, which does not have an applicable Arizona Reseller Tax Certificate on file with Express Technology. The rate charged is currently 9.3% and is subject to change. Orders that ship from third party facilities will incur additional shipping/handling charges related to sales tax if the recipient address is within the same state as the shipper’s warehouse. These fees will be added to the total order when a Reseller Certificate is not on file for the state in question. In the event that sales tax related is to be assessed but is not reflected in the Shopping Cart order total, Express Technology will contact the customer to verify the corrected order total before shipment.

Order Cancellation Policy

We ship quickly, and once an order has been submitted to our warehouse or another shipping site, it may not be possible for that order to be canceled or diverted prior to shipment. Express Technology will make a "best efforts" attempt to cancel, stop, or divert a submitted order for which cancellation is requested. Express Technology assumes no liability for orders which ship based upon a customer’s submitted request, and returns will be subject to normal restocking fees.

Payment & Credit Card Approval Policy

Orders to be paid by credit card will only be shipped upon approval of the payment card used. Approval is required for the full order amount. This full value may include part charges, freight charges, core charges and tax (if applicable). Express Technology may based upon value or the orders characteristics determine that some orders may require advance payment via wire transfer in lieu of credit card payment. Customers will be contacted by Express Technology prior to shipment or billing in this event.

Email Use Policy requires an email address for its use. Customers who do not wish to share email details are encouraged to contact us by phone at 800-730-7377 or fax 480-921-0454. Submitting your email address to Express Technology constitutes your understanding and acceptance of this Email Use Policy. Your email address will be used as the primary contact point for communicating details related to quotes and order activity. Express Technology will also use email for customer and prospect outreach which will include promotional activities. Promotions may include bulk campaigns for our customer-base that deliver discount offers, specials, newsletters, notices, requests for information, and customer feedback requests. All promotional emails will include opt-out provisions should you choose to discontinue their receipt at any time (Note: An opt-out of promotional emails will not impact email delivery related to quotes and orders). Please contact your service agent at 800-730-7377 if you wish to make changes to your email profile specific to orders, quotes, or promotional activities.

Refund Policy

Any refunds or advanced exchange core return credits will be credited to the customer’s charge card within ten days after the appropriate items have been received and approved for payment by Express Technology. Order credits will not include refunds for shipping and handling.

Pricing Policy

Parts prices displayed are subject to changes from time-to-time as market conditions fluctuate. Express Technology is not liable for typographical data errors or mis-communication between two parties. Individual price quotes will be valid and honored for as long as stock on hand at the time of the quote remains available. Express Technology will notify the customer in the event that there is a price increase or discrepancy between the quote and the order so the order can be verified.

Counterfeit Product

We take product authenticity very seriously and recognize the need for diligence on products received from all channels. We do not knowingly source and sell counterfeit products. We are constantly learning, researching, and innovating on behalf of our customers to improve the ways we detect and prevent counterfeit products from reaching our customers. If you believe a product is not authentic, contact us immediately and we will investigate thoroughly and take appropriate action. Products returned as counterfeit that are proven to be authentic will be returned to the customer or assessed our standard re-stocking fee at the customer’s choice. Any product reported within our standard 90-day warranty that is determined to be counterfeit will be treated as defective and credited.


The ETIexpress Search engine will be accessible to both registered and non-registered customers, but on a limited basis for those who are non-registered. With respect to corporate and business accounts, confidential information will be available (at the discretion of the account holder) for all users registered to the same company account. Express Technology implements up-to-date security and encryption technology to protect client data; ultimate responsibility for the security of usernames and passwords rests with the client. If these security measures do not suffice, please discontinue use of and email or call our toll-free number to make the appropriate account changes and to place orders verbally or via fax at 480-921-0454.

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